Homemade Vanilla Extract

A couple of years ago, my awesome friend Jess of Petrichor Frames gave me a small bottle of homemade vanilla extract for Christmas (check out her website, she builds the most amazing custom bicycles, how kick-ass is that?). I thought the idea was super adorable, and the extract was so good that I used it all within one month. There … More Homemade Vanilla Extract

Banana Pancakes

Monday mornings are not exactly my favorite, but a good breakfast in bed can make any day better. I hadn’t planned on making anything special this morning, much less working on a new recipe, but there is never a bad time for comfort food, so here goes… Pancakes can be an amazing all-time favorite breakfast … More Banana Pancakes

Summer Berry Galette with Almond Sour Cream

Fall is almost here and I can’t wait to indulge in apples, pumpkins, hearty stews and soups, and all the treats the holidays have to offer. But for now, I choose to live in a magical dreamland of everlasting summer with an inexhaustible supply of fresh berries. When I went to our local farmers’ market last weekend, … More Summer Berry Galette with Almond Sour Cream