Hot Cross Buns

It’s no wonder that hot cross buns are a favorite around Easter, they are absolutely delicious. Imagine tender, rich brioche dough that is so soft and fluffy, you’ll want to crawl inside the buns and take a nap. The plump raisins keep the dough nice and juicy, and the hint of spice nicely ties together the flavors of winter … More Hot Cross Buns

Simple Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is one of those childhood comfort foods that can make even the worst day a little bit better. This grown-up version will take your taste buds on that Tuscan summer vacation you have been dreaming of. Its fresh and bright flavors are about as far as you can get from the dull canned classics, and … More Simple Tomato Soup

Creamy Meyer Lemon Cheesecake with Candied Kumquats

It’s citrus season and I am head over heels in love with kumquats. For weeks, I have been ogling these adorable miniature orange look-alikes at the supermarket. Not knowing what I would do with the little bundles of sunshine once I brought them home, I just sighed wistfully and forced myself to keep walking. Last week, … More Creamy Meyer Lemon Cheesecake with Candied Kumquats

Perfect Vanilla Almond Crescent Cookies

Vanilla crescent cookies, or Vanillekipferl, are arguably among the most popular Christmas cookies in Europe. And how could they not be? Tender, crumbly, slightly sweet almond cookies rolled in fragrant vanilla sugar, it simply doesn’t get any better than this. Vanillekipferl as we know them today are said to have originated in Vienna, Austria, though their history is … More Perfect Vanilla Almond Crescent Cookies